Services Group of geotechnical companies

1.Survey of technical condition of buildings and facilities, advisory services on the examination of the design decisions device foundations of buildings and structures in order to improve their reliability during operation and reduce the cost of their construction.

2. Design of zero-cycle of buildings and structures, geological engineering, testing, and anchor piles.

3. Special construction works:

  • device is bored and driven piles, anchors buroinektsionnyh with different technologies;
  • device and bored piles buroinektsionnyh in cramped conditions with the use of small tools;
  • manufacture of frames of piles of varying lengths and diameters;
  • strengthening the foundations of the grounds stamped conical piles (geomassiv);
  • sheet fencing of pits;
  • reconstruction of the zero-cycle of buildings and structures (strengthening the foundations of slopes, strengthening of soil, etc.)

4. Transport services:

  • transport of oversized loads (up to 70 tons), including international ones.